Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith 03.09.2018
$50 bonus from UngAds!

In partnership, we have prepared a bonus from UNGADS for our users!

UngAds — is an advertising network with its own self service platform. In which you can create your advertising campaign and manage it from your account. Easy to create and customize campaigns. Statistics and high-quality user support.
GEO — WW. 4 media formats. Various options for customizing the target.

According to our promotional code (PeerClick_2132) we provide the following conditions:

+ $ 50 to recharge the amount of at least $ 100 for the NEW users.

Advantages of UngAds over competitors:

— Transparent statistics;
— Various settings of the target;
— Statistics in real time;
— Setup postback or API integration;
— Assistance in optimizing and analyzing campaigns;
— Different formats and payment models.
— Mainstream and adult traffic;
— Black and White sheets;
— Honesty and openness in working with partners. Return the balance of your balance if you are not satisfied with something.


— Video (CPM);
— Banners (CPM, CPC, SmartCPA);
— PopUnders (CPM, SmartCPA);
— Push Notifications (CPM, CPC, SmartCPA).

For those who want to work on the CPA / CPI / CPL — SmartCPA test!!!
This test is particularly suitable for those who do not have time to work with black / white sheets. The system will do everything for you. Automatically.
As a result of the test, you will receive data on how your offer is in demand and how creative works. Also, you will get the opportunity to work on a clean CPA / CPI / CPL payment model, with a successful test.

Get the bonus!

Check back and ask your personal manager for more information.

To receive the bonus, top up the balance by at least $ 100 and tell the promotional code to your personal manager.