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Mr. Smith 03.09.2018
How to Become a Super Affiliate?

Very few people actually go on to become successful affiliate marketers and an even smaller pool of people go on to become what is known as super affiliates. The word “super affiliate” might seem a little bit scary if you’re a newbie, but rest assured that becoming a super affiliate isn’t as hard as you might think. Beyond any reasonable doubt, affiliate marketing isn’t a “push-a-button-and-be-rich” business, but it’s not rocket science either. Well, you just need a strong foundation and to keep building up your business from there.


First, let’s define the word “super affiliate”

Technically speaking, a super affiliate is someone who creates a significant amount of profits from the sales he makes for the products or services he represents. A super affiliate is basically someone who is so far ahead of the pack that he is almost out of sight. These marketers take innovative ideas, use them to great effect and then make them the norm because everyone else follows their lead. A super affiliate makes a healthy living from his online affiliate business alone – while a standard every day affiliate usually needs to supplement his affiliate income with, gasp – a full time job!

According to Aversity super affiliates earn anything from $20,000 to $500,000 a month in commissions:


Benefits of being a super affiliate

Unquestionably, those, who are at the top, have many advantages. For super affiliates it is:

1) Income. It is the most significant benefit of being a super affiliate. Can you believe many super affiliates easily make six figures annually by simply promoting the products and services of others? This is real. So if they can do that, why can’t you?

2) Greater benefits from affiliate programs. If you’re one of the main contributors to a company’s affiliate program, they’re going to pay attention to you and your needs:

  • You may obtain a higher percentage commission on sales,
  • You may receive first shot with new marketing materials and programs,
  • You’ll receive the support you want when you need it.


How to become a super affiliate marketer?

This is probably the question that everybody is waiting to be answered as almost all affiliate marketers want to become successful. Here are some super affiliate mindset secrets.


Create and follow a plan

This is by far the most important secret. Moreover, it goes way beyond just affiliate marketing. Super-affiliates have a long-term plan (year or more), short-term plan (monthly), and most importantly a daily plan to keep on track. They know what tasks, tactics, strategies, and activities they must do day to day to maximize their campaigns and, of course, profits. They exercise daily discipline, without any reservations and “I’ll do it tomorrow”. They plan, prepare, time-block, and work fast.


Stand out

Standing out is one of the keys to dominating affiliate sales in the super affiliate world.

Remember that there is a chance that thousands of people are selling the same product as you, so you need to do something to stand out.


Think and market creatively

Using creativity to develop your own twist, approach, and style to stand out from the crowd and dominate your niche is a must. Most affiliate marketers fail right from the beginning by simply following the herd and copying somebody else’s strategies. This may earn you some money but you’ll likely never break through and become a highly paid super affiliate.


Test and track everything

Make sure you know where your prospects are coming from, what motivates them to click through and what information they read and respond to – then give them what they need. Affiliate marketing is a numbers game. You better learn how to test and track all of the key metrics of your campaigns including impressions, opt-in rates, earnings per click, click-through rates, reversal (cancellation) rates, return-on-investment, and attribution. Super affiliates track these key metrics, split-test their campaigns, and constantly tweak every element of their marketing to increase profits. Like Marcus Lemonis frequently says on his hit show The Profit “If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business”. Super affiliates know their numbers; they have to.

Tracking and testing is the only way to fine tune your affiliate program into a smooth running, money making machine! Guess what will help you with this? Right, the most advanced tracking software in the world – PeerClick. This tool can help you improve your ROI, manage your ads campaigns and measure your landing page performance with real-time reports. Here is what you are going to get with PeerClick:

  • SAAS technology,
  • The most up-to-date tracker technology on the market today,
  • Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load,
  • The highest speed of report generating on the market,
  • Group Campaign Reports,
  • Large-scale automated updates every few months,
  • The flexible multi-user system with different access rights.

Why do I put so much emphasis on tracking? Simply because a lot of marketers fail to pay adequate attention to tracking, don’t succeed and put their hands down. You know, with PeerClick things would be different now.


Know when to cut your losses

This secret is connected with the previous one. Whatever the case may be, some of your campaigns are going to suck. In fact, you may even lose some money on a few bad campaigns. Hey it happens to everyone in internet marketing at some point. But that’s okay, if you know when it’s time to quit and move on to the next campaign. By diligently testing and tracking super affiliates know when it’s time to pull the plug and find money somewhere else.

How could you possibly know that? That it is time to quit? And again PeerClick to the rescue! Only tracker can let you know what’s wrong with your campaign and why it doesn’t bring you profit.


Wrapping up

Affiliates succeed because they develop a mindset, of never giving up. Keep trying, keep what works and develop it, look at things that don’t work and learn from them, don’t beat yourself up. Understand what you could have done differently, so even a ‘failed result’ can teach you what to do to succeed. This way you will develop a mindset that will allow you to approach any project with the right mindset and you will have focus and clarity of vision that has made many affiliates very rich worldwide.