Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith 03.09.2018
Step 1 — Adding Clickky as your traffic source in PeerClick
First of all, you should log in to your PeerClick account.
Then choose the Sources tab.  and click New.
There you have ready templates.
Then, find and select Clickky from Sources templates.
All the necessary settings will be automatically added to the Source.
After completing all replacements, click Save to set up your Clickky settings in PeerClick (if you want to make any changes — select your traffic source from the list and click Edit button).
Step 2 — Launching a Campaign in Clickky
In your Clickky account, open the Create a Campaign tab and enter your Store URL or Bundle ID. Submit the necessary information regarding your targeted countries and device types, as well as information about your preferred traffic and proceed to the Next Step.
Step 3 — Generate the postback URL in Clickky
After creating a campaign in Clickky. Generate your postback URL and copy it.
Go to your PEERCLICK account. Make the postback enable. And paste the postback URL in the Traffic Sources tab. field.
Step 4 — Set up the Campaign in PeerClick
Click Campaigns tab, then press New to open the new campaign configuration menu.
Select «Clickky» as the Traffic source and fill in all the mandatory fields.
As you finish setting-up your campaign’s destination paths click the Save button.
This will create a new campaign within the campaigns list and also generate the Campaign URL needed to direct traffic to.
Copy this link into clipboard.
Step 5 — Adding tracking link to Clickky
Within the Define Tracking window, you have the ability to enter your Tracking URL.  Paste the Campaign URL you have Copied in Step 4  into the corresponding window and click Build. You will receive a confirmation message. If necessary, the tracking macros can be adjusted right from this page. Click Next Step after you’ve submitted the necessary information about your Campaign.