Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith 03.09.2018
Peerclick Tracker Exclusive deal for MGID Users!
Peerclick Tracker Exclusive deal for MGID Users!
Get your hottest discount from our friends – PeerClick Tracker.
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PeerClick is performance tracker for Affiliate marketers, Media Buying Teams and Performance agencies. It brings analysis of all your traffic sources together in one convenient place with ANN (artificial neural network) traffic distribution module. PeerClick provides you the possibility to work with different kind of traffic sources, manage advertising campaigns and analyze traffic efficiency, using ONE tool.
PeerClick features:
  • SAAS technology
  • The most up-to-date tracker technology on the market today
  • Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load
  • The highest speed of report generating on the market
  • Group Campaign Reports
  • Large-scale automated updates every few months
  • The flexible multi-user system with different access rights
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