Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith 03.09.2018
Updated interface and new features

Dear Users!


We hasten to inform you about the large-scale modification of PeerClick — the best tracking system on the modern market. It  took several weeks to develop the latest release and beta testing. We are sure that you will appreciate our efforts, because now your efficiency will grow at times thanks to the improved structure of the PeerClick system!
Among the general changes can be noted:
• Improved interface of the main functional sections and an increased level of usability;
• Simplified navigation, as well as many useful chips that make it easier to work with the tracker.
✓ Redesign of the Panel Sections
Taking into account all your feedback, we came to a decision to redesign the main sections of the admin panel. Now the admin panel has become more visual and effective.
In the sections of management and statistics the following changes were made:
— elements in the tables can be selected by clicking the left mouse button on the row with this element;
— available actions can be called by selecting it in the line with the left mouse button and using one of the action buttons at the top of the table;
— filters and table settings are made in separate menus that can be opened by clicking on the corresponding buttons next to the action buttons. Please note that filters and settings are retained;
— Filters are added to all columns of sections, which allow you easily and quickly filter out data and leave only the necessary values in the table.
✓ Tree reporting
In addition to the above changes, the functionality of tree-like report generation has also been added. Each report contains indicators grouped together (for example, the number of men from the total number of visitors). The report is built for a certain period of time. By default, it corresponds to the selected period. The generated report is saved automatically.
✓ Additional Improvements for Your Refunds
In addition, at your request, we have completed the following improvements:
— Fixed problems with sorting in reports on the Clock;
— changed the order of sorting (the first click sorts in descending order, second — in ascending order);
— In the Domains section, we added a column with the number of campaigns and the ability to see which campaigns this domain is used for;
— The size of the tokens for transferring data to PeerClick has been increased to 255 characters.
— Fixed filter sorting and filtering by Date column
— Fixed sorting by columns Earnings, Spend, Profit, ROI, EPV, EPC, Payout
— Fixed the filter on the Tokens columns at values with special characters
That’s all. Have not found what you would like to see? Write us your ideas for improving the PeerClick system. We always listen to the users opinion!
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