Integration with various sources. You can see the information in one place.

Traffic Distribution, A / B Testing. You can test your creatives and send customers to the most converting offers.

Cross-cutting reports. You can make multiple reports on all your customers, sites and offers.

Anti Fraud system. It allows you to analyze all ad platforms and cut off suspicious ones.

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PeerClick is probably the best tracker I've worked with. Except the convenience of solving any technical problem linked with the traffic purchase, I'd like to note never-ending improvement of service.

I personally recommend PeerClick as a very promising tracking solution to run campaigns and to manage traffic between the sales pages. We do believe that our cooperation will do well both for AdCombo affiliates and the team of PeerClick. Running traffic with you, guys, is the pleasure.


The platform is very flexible, responsive and fast. PeerClick provides affiliate marketers with deep analytics insights to improve ROI across may ad campaigns. Postback in native is a very important thing and exceeding expectations in optimizing your campaigns & ad funnels.

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100+ Ad Platforms


It Goes Great With The Tools You Use

PeerClick allows to set an integration with popular digital marketing tools & services smoothly

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Get Actionable Data

Track 30+ data points of each impression, visit, click and conversion. Get extensive, real-time reporting from all paid and organic sources.

Block Bots

Use the built in Anti-Fraud Protection to identify suspicious behavior. Block the bot traffic source, and get proof to claim a refund.

Automate Your Work

Join thousands of affiliates who achieve on average 30% higher ROI just by automating their optimization with our AI tools.

Scale Easily

PeerClick generates real-time reports in under 2s, on average. No matter how much traffic you throw at Peerclick, we’ll handle it.

Don't Lose Money

Avoid click loss and wasted traffic thanks to 100% uptime and the fastest redirects in under 2ms.

Quick Setup Up

We'll help you make the transition to PeerClick hassle-free. 24/7 chat, migration tools from other trackers. Start a campaign quickly with 35+ traffic source templates.

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Every week you waste long hours on combining data from different channels.

No more CSVs, all data in one place. Shareable real-time reports.

Thousands of dollars are lost because of unnoticed broken links.

Instant notifications about changes in campaign performance.

24h waiting time for the reports update. Without direct feedback.

Ad spend in real time. Reports are always up-to-date.

Data loss in case of any small mistake working with Google Analytics.

Simple setup in PeerClick, no data gaps.