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Why bet on PeerClick?

PeerClick is a cloud-based performance tracking software with built-in optimization tools for paid ad campaigns. It allows you to measure the entire advertising funnel – from leads to signups, FTD, and spend with ease!💰

Operator or Affiliate?

Either way, we can help you scale

  • Expand your acquisition channel with scalable paid media with your account manager.
  • Use our automation and optimization features to automatically send your audience to the right offers.
  • No need to switch from your existing affiliate platform! You can run your media buying with PeerClick on top of that and even integrate it with your BI platforms.
  • Use our predefined templates and postbacks to quickly set up your campaigns.
  • Get extensive data analytics from both organic and paid sources to find the right ad campaign combinations.
  • Benefit from our partnerships with the top iGaming affiliate programs and access converting offers.

Get access to our traffic connections & insider recommendations on where to buy the best iGaming traffic for various geos.

Utilizing our tracking system and AI-driven optimization

tools for sports betting, iGaming, and mobile ad campaigns will significantly boost your profitability.
"We always relied on SEO to attract customers, and media buying was a new endeavor for us. Thanks to the Peerclick team, we obtained three personal introductions to three popular native ad networks. Now, paid media brings us 40% of our customer base."

Customer from a sports betting and poker website

- loyal for 2 years

"I previously attempted to use paid advertising, but it simply didn't yield results for us - or so I thought. With the assistance of our account manager and Peerclick's guidance, we finally configured everything and discovered sources that brought us engaged players with a good lifetime value. Today, I can't imagine our customer acquisition strategy without paid media."

Leading provider of online casino games

- customer for 1.5 years

"Our traffic used to be entirely organic, and we struggled with low visitation rates. However, since connecting with high-performing native sources, we not only receive more traffic on our site but also obtain 30% of our conversions from paid ads."

Customer from a US online poker network

- loyal for 3 years