What Can You Do With PeerClick?

Improve every aspect of your affiliate campaigns.

Track All Your Affiliate Campaigns and Aggregate Data in One Place

Track multiple third-party offers

Measurement is the first step to improvement. If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing you need to track every parameter of your campaign: offers, creatives, referrer links, carriers, browser versions, device models and so on. Every event matters as without data on every impression, visit and click, you won’t make accurate decisions and increase your profits.

With the most accurate ad tracker

You get extensive data analytics from organic and paid traffic acquired across numerous sources. Aggregate all your data in one platform and make accurate data-based decisions.


Collect any kind of campaign data

Track with or without redirects

As more and more traffic sources don’t allow redirects in your URL, marketers get blocked and banned every day. You can be booted off even before you realize you’ve violated the rules. Unfortunately, being blocked by Facebook and Google means hundreds of dollars lost due to lost opportunities and that’s the last thing you want to happen to you.

With direct Tracking Pixel

You can track both organic and paid traffic without the initial redirect. Accelerate the process of sending visitors to your offers and advertise without limits, even in regions where the Internet connection is slow.


Be able to advertise on Facebook and Google

Track your costs

Recording costs and payouts is an integral part of tracking. Apart from knowing how many events have been generated in your campaigns, you need to know how much these events cost you. Without this information, you won’t know how much you’ve earned.

With multiple cost models support

We enable you to track costs using different models like CPC, CPM, CPA or Revshare. Set everything correctly to see how much you pay, what’s your profit and ROI.


Know exactly how much you earn

Secure your links

As the biggest online players like Google and Apple constantly push towards a safer Internet, SSL encryption is becoming a must. Without this security certificate, a visitor who clicks on your link may see a red warning “Website Not Secure” instead of the content on your landing page. How to make sure your performance won’t be affected by this?

With SSL Certificates available in panel

You can easily secure your tracking domains, making sure they won’t be marked by search engines as suspicious.


Don’t lose any visits or clicks

Track multiple conversions

Every conversion is different: a demo download, an email sign-up, a form submission, a purchase. If your website is a complex one, you want to set up tracking for different kinds of actions to know exactly which of your ads lead to specific conversions. How to track various conversions and at the same time not waste time creating multiple conversion codes?

With Custom Conversion Tracking

You are be able to set multiple conversion types and see which part of your traffic converts the most. Define which users will be most likely to generate additional income from upsells, or other post-install events in the future.


Track LTV (Lifetime Value) and total income

Get onboarded quickly

Complex platforms can give you the world, but figuring out how to use them on your own costs you a lot of time. On the other hand, without a deep understanding of the platform functionalities, you won’t be able to reach your goals and maximize your performance.

With dedicated onboardings & webinars

We make sure you know how to use our platform. Get to know the platform essentials with Our Customer Success Team and let them answer any questions and you might have.


Avoid basic mistakes

Set up your campaigns easily

Setting up your campaigns and traffic sources in a tracker can be a long and exhausting process. It’s an even greater challenge when it requires technical knowledge. A small mistake can lead to a lack of data or blocking your traffic.

With step-by-step guides

We make sure you get all the information you need to start tracking. Use our articles and video tutorials to configure your campaigns without a hassle.


Start tracking in minutes

Analyze Data to Get Actionable Insights

Get 30+ data points on every visit

Gut instinct is great, but if you lack relevant data you are unlikely to succeed as an affiliate. To optimize your performance, you need to know exactly what is working and what isn’t. Your audience is a limitless source of information and you need to dig into it. And for that, you need a tracker.

Using our granular analytics system

You are able to make accurate, data-driven decisions. With 30 standard and custom data points about every impression, visit, click and conversion, you can go as granular as you need.


Conduct a comprehensive analysis

Extract information that matters

Accessing data is only the beginning. To make profitable decisions you need to discover the right angles, spot the latest trends, and uncover pockets of profits. But as the number of campaigns increases, so do the volumes of data to process. How to convert a bottomless ocean of information into usable information?

With data grouping & drill down

You can navigate through your reports from one level to another, and explore more specific and deeper layers of data.


Turn data into actionable insights

Access campaign data in real-time

Time is money. If you run multiple campaigns, you cannot afford to waste time on slow reporting speeds when pulling data out of the system. Decisions based on real-time data can significantly reduce the risk of low performance and high costs - and that’s what every affiliate needs.

With instantly generated reports

You can access your data right away, no matter how big the volume of your traffic is. Empower yourself with the ability to react instantly. Seize opportunities and prevent obstacles before they even happen.


Be able to react immediately

Get the whole picture of your performance

Data is only useful if you can draw valuable conclusions from it. Unfortunately, big volumes are overwhelming and make the analysis of data complex and hard to interpret. Trends and correlations often slip past your eyes, unnoticed. How to get improved insights faster from large data sets?

Using the Campaign Dashboard

You get an overview of the most important campaign metrics such as visits, clicks, costs or profits and are able to easily uncover areas that need your attention or improvement.


Identify patterns

Optimize Ad Performance

Direct your ads towards relevant audiences

Targeting is one of the trickiest, yet important, concepts in affiliate marketing. Without addressing the right audience, you won't be able to increase your conversion rates and make the most out of your budget. Unfortunately, targeting at the traffic source level is often limited, so you might end up wasting impressions on irrelevant audiences.

Using Advanced Targeting and Rules

You will know everything about your visitors: from referer and mobile carrier to device model, operating system, browser version and much more. Target relevant audiences only so you can increase the appeal of your message, ultimately lowering costs and maximizing your budget.


Get higher conversion rates

Optimize your performance automatically

There are always tons of variables to test that make performance optimization really time-consuming. Dripping profits out of a campaign by adjusting bids, refining targets, and launching split tests requires a lot of repetitive, manual work. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a large part of that work taken care of and managed more efficiently than any human ever could?

With AI-powered tools

You can have your traffic automatically redistributed to the best-performing offers, landing pages and entire paths in real time. Put your traffic distribution on autopilot and watch your profits grow.


Save time on manual work and maximize your ad spend

Be alerted when your performance changes

Want to increase your campaign conversion rates? Then you need to spend countless hours in front of your reports every day, examining numerous metrics just to stay up-to-date with your performance. Now imagine how much more profitable your campaigns could be if you’d spend all of that time scaling campaigns instead?

Using Custom Notifications

You know right away if something unusual happens to your campaigns and offers. Get notifications on your desktop and mobile to take action right away.


Immediately react to changes in your ad performance

Run A/B test on different flows

Anything a visitor does on your landing page provides you with valuable information. You can use this data to come up with hypotheses about the best converting variants and split test them. Basically, every time you start a campaign in a new geo, try a different angle, a fresh landing page, an improved creative set or any other variable, you should dedicate a part of your budget just for testing.

Using Peerclick Automation

You can easily determine which of your campaign paths perform better for given conversion goals. Carry out A/B tests automatically and find out where to make changes for improved effectiveness.


Get to know what resonates with your audience faster

Scale Your Affiliate Business

Detect suspicious visits and clicks

Bots account for almost more than half of all web traffic and can negatively impact your metrics leading to wasted money, time, and effort. What’s more, bots make it extremely difficult to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and can harm your relationship with the offer owners. To protect your performance and reputation you’re going to need an anti-fraud solution.

With Peerclick Anti-Fraud Kit

You can detect suspicious visits and clicks, spot unrealistic conversion times, and get undeniable evidence for chargeback procedures against fraudulent publishers.


Protect your traffic from bots

Grant access to your data - the safe way

Sharing stats with your partners, media buyers or traffic sources requires a lot of effort. You need to export it to CSV, arrange columns, format data, and above all, make sure you haven't shared stuff you shouldn't have. What’s more, reports quickly become outdated, so if you want them to stay up-to-date, the whole process needs to be repeated again and again. Sounds familiar?

With Shared Reports

You can quickly grant access to specific parts of your campaign data. Decide who, what, and for how long anyone can view your reports.


Share your data safely and hassle-free

Increase your volumes cost-effectively

Once you find a profitable campaign, you do everything to scale it as much and fast as you can. Copy cats don't waste time and nor should you. But before you hit the high numbers, you need to not only make sure that your tracker can handle big volumes, but also find a way to keep your tracking costs down.

By getting an Advanced or a Custom Plan

You will ensure rapid growth at the lowest cost. Annual plans will enable even bigger savings. Decrease your tracking costs per event and maximize your profits.


Keep the costs low while you grow